District Level Competition i.e. “One School One Innovation”



We invite submissions of creative technological ideas/innovations from the Schools (students of classes 6-10th) for District level “One School One Innovation” competition.  

In order to promote creativity and originality in school and students, we are organizing “One School One Innovation” competition for students of classes 6-10th of Government schools of Palwal District of Haryana.

  • What is the competition?

One Student One Innovation competition is a district level competition to harness the creative and innovative spirit of students (classes 6-10th of government schools only). Schools are invited to send their original and creative ideas and innovations for the same.

  • Why the competition?

Creativity among students is almost innate. Every student is creative, the degree may vary though but, not its basic manifestation. Then what happens during growth and maturation? Why should student stop asking basic questions? Why do they agree to do repetitive science projects instead of being original? Why do they learn to live with unsolved social and professional problems? We should not allow our students to live with such problems. Rather, we must urge them to come up with solutions to these. We want to promote originality, creativity and innovation spirit among our students so that when they become leaders of our society, they ensure an imaginative, inclusive and innovative future for the country. We want our students to be more sensitive to the problems faced by not just them and their families or neighbors but also others socially-disadvantages section of the society.

  • Who can participate?

Government schools of Palwal District of Haryana.

  • Criteria for participation

One school makes only one team of students from class 6-10th. Each team contains minimum of 3 students and maximum of 5 students followed by one mentor teacher.


  • Is there any limit to the number of entries submitted during the competition period?

Yes, only one submission to be submitted from one school.

  • How can the submission be sent?

The submission for the contest can be made through any of the following means:

Email the details at 


Submit online at  

  • Is there any theme for the competition?

No, you can submit idea’s related to science, technology, innovation or solution of general problem faced by our community.

  • Is there any particular format for submission of entries?

There is no particular format for submission. However, the following should be clearly mentioned- school name and address, team members name (students name) and classes, mentor name,  contact number and email id, title of the project/idea/innovation, detailed description, diagrams/sketches/photos if any and a simple declaration that the project has been done.

  • Is a working model required along with the submission?


  • Are any photos/videos/sketches of the idea/innovation/project required?

Yes, if available


Phase 1 – 30th November 2017 Deadline (Idea Submission via email or online)

Selected Ideas notify by: 10th December 2017 (total 20 schools will be selected from 4 blocks)

Phase 2 – 16th December 2017 Deadline (Presentation and Report Submission via email)

  • 10 Schools Presentation – 22nd December 2018
  • 10 Schools Presentation – 23rd December 2018

Selected top 3 School Notify by 15th January 2018

*Presentation template will be send to selected schools. Presentation location will be send to schools via email.


    1.  Winner (1st position holder) will get certificate medal during 26th January 2018 function by local government administration body representatives.
    2. 2nd position holder will get invitation to visit DC camp and have a tea with DC
    3. 3rd Position holder will get Science Kit sponsored by Smartcircuits Innovation Pvt. Ltd.
  • Criteria for Idea’s selection & scoring  (Total 40 points)


  • Originality of Idea and Concept (10)
  • Relevance of the project to the theme i.e. healthcare, education, social, general (10)
  • Feasibility of the project (10)
  • Practical implementation of the idea (10)


Panel for Short listing of Ideas

  • Principal’s from DIET, DPC and DEEO
  • Three members from Smartcircuits Innovation Pvt. Ltd.
  • One members from CM Good Governance Team