The night sky studded with stars has always fantasized everyone. Everyone grows up seeing the Moon and narrating the poem: twinkle twinkle little stars…Every child wants to see and know what lies hidden in the night sky.  

This workshop is designed to take the participant closer to real observational astronomy.

This workshop starts with a presentation on space, universe and brief about telescope as an instrument that helps to see the far away object clearly and magnified by collecting electromagnetic radiations such as visible lights. 

The fascination and attraction towards the stars and sky bring an interest to have a telescope. The workshop is designed in such a manner that the student learns its science and working. The students will learn to make a telescope by joining various parts on their own and can also take their own handmade telescope .The students will also get an idea to use and point an object through the telescope. 



Make your own 4.5 inch or 5 inch telescope


4 days workshop to 10 days workshop

Sky Watching

With your telescope you can watch Moon Craters, Saturn rings, stars, Jupiter, Venus, galaxies etc.

Students use these telescopes to explore the sky, and take in depth pictures of celestial objects such as asteroids, galaxies, nebulae, clusters etc. In the workshop, students are guided by educators, and they learn how to plan an observation the way real astronomers do to find targets, and plan exposure times and filters.

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