Teacher’s Training

The TRAINING is designed to meet the practical needs of busy school teachers who want to make science more exciting, stimulating and meaningful. The curriculum covers themes such as light, magnet, newtons laws, atmospheric pressure, air, force and pressure, acceleration, motion and time, chemistry, atoms and molecules, microscope, human digestive system, food, optics and other topics related to physics, chemistry and biology. Teachers will participate in more than 40 fun-filled demonstrations and hands-on activities that help them create the curiosity in children in the classroom. Teachers will be equipped with a number of great science ideas that they can put to use immediately. Teachers will leave this training with the knowledge, presentation skills, and tools to make science the favourite part of your teaching day. In addition, there will be a proper discussion i.e. how to implement these activities/experiments in classroom.

Teachers Trained

Interested in organizing Teacher’s training in your school?