Teacher’s Science Trek Kit

Science Kits for Teachers

Experiments per class

Available for Classes 6-10th

Along with interactive manuals and videos

Fun and Sophisticated Science

Each Science Trek box contains all the necessary components to complete different experiment.

Class wise Experiment List and Details

Introduce experimental learning in your classrooms

Syllabus based innovative experimental Science Kit for Teachers


Amazing models from periscope to hydraulic lift, DC motor to chemical reaction.


The theories from your text books such as center of gravity and air resistance.


The concepts not by memory, but by understanding its application in real life.


  • Facilitates the transition of chalk& talk to Student centric mode
Innovative teaching strategy
  • Easy to explain the topic
  • Effective utilization of time
  • Provides experience for deeper understanding of concepts

Note : All kits will be dispatched to School address after 15th March 2019