SSP 2019

Students Space Program (SSP) 2019

in association with

International Space Society

 Overview of SSP 2019

The Students Space  Program (SSP) is a professional development program conducted by Smartcircuits Innovation Pvt. Ltd. and ISS since 2016. The curriculum covers the principal space related fields,   ranges from small satellite, 3D Printer technology in space, hydro rocket to solid propellant rocket,  engineering, physical sciences and space applications.

Our Mentors


Suresh Naik Ji

Former Group Director, ISRO


Mitul Dikshit

President, International Space Society


George Salazar

Johnson Space Center, NASA, USA

Program Overview

Core Lectures

All students attend the core lecture series, which ensures that they have an understanding of the fundamentals of all disciplines relevant to space programs—and that they understand the relationships between these disciplines in any space-related activity.


Workshops are designed to build on knowledge acquired during Core Lectures, in a smaller classroom setting that facilitates greater interaction among participants as well as the engagement in hands-on activities.

Students will develop Small CAN-Satellites, Hydro Rockets, Propellant rockets etc.

Team Project

In the Team Project experience, students work in interdisciplinary and intercultural teams to produce either a comprehensive analysis and proposal for an international space project or work on a topic relevant to the professional space sector.

Innovative Ideas and Award

Students have to present the most innovative solution on how to mitigate space junk from space in front of jury and the best team or individual will get “Young Scientist Award” 2019 by International Space Society

Interaction and Lectures


    Henry Skupniewicz

  Co-Heading Godrej Design Lab
    Alumni – MIT, USA
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Dr. Babar Afzal

Ethical Hacker Turned Shepherd

Mitul Dikshit

President, International Space Society

George Salazar


Live interaction session via video conferencing



9:00 am – 02:00 pm

   Graduation Ceremony : 8th June 2019, 10:00 am


Suresh Naik Centre for excellence in space science,

Dikshant Global School, VIP Road, Savitry Green, Zirakpur, Chandigarh Region

Admission Fees

INR 8500/- for Indian Students 

USD 250/- for International Students

Limited Scholarships are available

Applicants are assessed on the basis of their academic and their achievements, as well as on their proficiency in English.

The decision on admission is made by the ISS Admissions Committee.

Students from Grade 6-12th are eligible to be the part of SSP 2019. 

Only selected students will eligible to be the part of Students Space Program 2019. 

The fees is inclusive of tuition fees, material and lunch

15th April 2019 – Admissions Application Open

5th May 2019 – Admissions Application Close

8th May 2019 – Notification to selected students 

15th May 2019 – Last date for fees submission

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I apply if I have a non-technical background?

Yes! ISS offers an international and interdisciplinary education. Our students come from all over the world with both technical and non-technical backgrounds.

2. Is there any age restriction to attend the SSSP 2019?

Yes! For SSSP 2019 students those who are in grade 6-12th are eligible to be the part of this program.

3. How can I apply?

Applying to SSSP2019 is an online process available at: You have to click on “Apply online”. 

4. Can you describe the admissions process?

Once your online application is complete – it should reach 100% of completion to let you submitting it.

As soon as we have received your application will be sent under evaluation to the Admissions Committee. We will then inform you on the outcome of the Admissions Committee’s decision as soon as we can.

5. When will I be given answer for admissions?

Once your application is sent to the Admissions Committee for evaluation, it may take few days before you receive an answer.

6. Is there an application fee?

Our application process is a free of charge process.

7. Is it possible to modify my online application once it is submitted?


8. What should I do to apply for scholarship?

You apply for a scholarship directly in the online application, under the part “Financial information”. If you wish to apply for a partial scholarship, please, mention in the box the amount – in INR/USD – you will be able to contribute yourself, towards the tuition fees.

9. Is it possible to obtain a full scholarship or a tuition fee waiver?

Unfortunately, ISS is not able to provide any full scholarships or tuition fee waivers to the candidates.


For any further information please contact :

Mr. Rajan Sharma




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