The Space Club program for schools is crafted to impart critical life skills through the
intelligent application of astronomy and space science concepts.Students have the opportunity to enroll in the Space Club, which offers courses in
astronomy and space science education .The club brings the student closer to the environment through its astronomy based
outdoor activities.


Telescope Making

Water Rocket


High Powered Rocket

Organized Satellite designing and launching workshop at Dikshant Global School.

Eligible Students : Grade 6, Onwards
Min. No. of Students Required : 50
All students will be awarded Certificates
20 sessions in 10 visits in one academic year.
Smartcircuits will provide trainers

Dr. Suresh Naik, Ex- ISRO Scientist Interacted with Space Lab Students

Want to Start a Space Club in Your School? Write to us at or call +91-7015229749

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