Robotics Lab

We are fascinated with robots because they are reflection of ourselves.

We are living in a technology rich world. Science and Technology are extremely popular with learners  of today they are also  pathways to career opportunities in the future. 

It is widely accepted among worldwide educationists that to work and operate in the learning environments of today, our learner   need to be technology fluent and develop real life skills such as co-operation, self confidence, team work, creativity and innovation.

Robotics Junior Lab

Grade 3rd - 5th

Robotics Senior Lab

Grade 6th - 10th

          50+ Robots 

200+ Concepts

500+ Spare Parts 

50+ Sensors 

The main objective of the STEM-Robotics Methodology developed by Smartcircuits Innovation is to help students develop greater Practical Concepts and its Implementation in the field of (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math & Robotics) collectively called as STEM-Robotics.

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