Robot Chassis Kit


Package Include

1 x Chassis
2 x Wheels
2 x Gearmotor
2 x Velocimetry code wheels
1 x Battery holder
1 x Fastener
1 x Switch
1 x Universal wheel
1 x Pack of screws

1 x Screw driver



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Simple installation, stronger, with install guide;

– Support double layer chassis.

– Increasing mounting holes for 5-AA battery and 2-lithium battery.

– Has two speed disks hole can be used with speed sensor.

– Using strong 130 anti-jamming magnetic torque motors, motor running stability, jitter-free. Voltage 3~10V, transmission 1:48 than fast, speed cars best.

– Thickening to increase chassis, 22cm, two-wheel width 17.5CM, head width 15.6CM, Middle 12cm wide.

Measuring 7.2V idle current is about 130mA, around ground running current of 200mA


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