Science is the key to the future- it gives us the tools to explore our world and discover new ones. With so many opportunities in science, maths and technology available today, kids are absorbing those subjects with their dreams of future career mind- from biology to physics to computer science.

We at Smartcircuits Innovation foster this curiosity in children and re-enforce science and technology related subjects in a fun, exciting and practical way in order to allow them to investigate and encourage them to ask questions about the world.

We combine education with a practical and fun approach to nurture your child’s natural curiosity.

Hands-on, inquiry based do it yourself
science kits compatible with syllabus

Available for classes 3rd to 10th along with interactive manuals and videos. 12 Experiments in a kit.

Different classes, different box with different activities as per syllabus 

Give your child the gift of exploration and science by buying Science Trek Box today!

Embrace curiosity ,discovery, and learning with passion!- Mr. George Salazar, NASA,USA

Your subscription to science trek box includes all the necessary components for an experiment, authentic lab ware, engaging manuals and video tutorials.

All pre-ordered kits will be dispatched after 31st March 2018