What you will get ?

Low Cost Science Kits for Students from class 1-10th as well as Innovation Lab

Hands-on activity based Experimental learning training for Government School Teachers

Hands-on activity based workshop for School Students 

Counselling for teachers as well as Students 

Low cost lab set up in Government schools, science fairs, science festival, science camp 

“We help companies developing a CSR Strategy & assess the needs of stakeholders. We plan and implement CSR projects in the field of education. We offer holistic assessments to evaluate the impact of CSR activity on business objectives (increased visibility, brand recognition etc.), on your NGO partners and on community/beneficiaries. We also help in employee engagement by structuring and facilitating volunteering activities.”

Our Projects

Smart Innovation Lab


Innovative STEM Labs.

This is a project that impacts systemic value and not focus only on development of infrastructure or providing ancillary inputs to an academic facility. Rather it sets measurable outcomes and has a direct bearing on learning and development – of students and school teachers.

Innovation Labs are essentially spaces where students can create and explore their curiosity. They focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM). Many schools have turned their science lab or other rooms into innovation spaces where students can explore, build, design, and learn about the engineering process. 

The objective of this innovation lab is to foster curiosity, creativity and imagination in young minds; and to inculcate skills such as design mind set, computational thinking, adaptive learning, physical computing etc. This is in sync with the global scenario where future work skills are increasingly being considered as an important skill set for creative new avenues, providing solutions to global problems and leading the global economy towards the fourth industrial revolution.

This lab includes 3D Printers, Lathe Machine, Drill Machine, Drone, Robotic, Arduino, Internet of things (IOT), Sensors, Electronics, Mechanical work and lots of other exciting things for students. Activities include projects, study tours to ISRO, visit from NASA and CERN officials as well that would impart immense knowledge to students.

This lab will be beneficial for students from class 5-12th.


Hands-on experimental Learning

Science Kits

 Science Trek is a hands-on learning activity based Science box/kit for school students from class 3-10th . The hands-on learning science boxes which we are developing have been designed after understanding the needs of education system through thousands of hours of teacher interactions as well as student’s interactions. Each science box comes through hundreds of hours of dedicated research and development and has been refined over after observing its usage by thousands of children. 

Science Trek box containing material for 25 activities for class 3-10th (mapped with curriculum ).Each class is having different box with different activities and we are flexible and provide number of activities as per school demand.

What Government School teachers think about us?

Training was very effective and interesting. Resource person was very resourceful. Such type of training should be organized time to time with such resource persons.
Dinesh Sharma
Science Master, Government Middle School, Sohra
Concept was relevant and is very useful. It is according to the syllabus. By doing such type of activities students will learn alot and is useful for their future.
Anil Kumar
Science Master, Government Middle School, Asloo

Our Services under CSR

Our services under social Responsiveness


We provide consulting, implementation and training services in the areas of sustainability, responsible behavior and stakeholder collaboration in community projects for lasting legacies.


Our patrons, mentors and teams have the requisite experience and understanding of the subject and have witnessed and influenced social changes on ground. They are well versed with the diversity and cultural nuances and will share insights, train teams and hand-hold projects to fruition.  Capacity development and building sustainable communities is our forte and the projects selected follow a strict evaluation regimen of sustainability, innovation and impact.


We assist public sector enterprises, private companies and businesses with the following services.


  1. CSR Baseline and Need Assessment Studies
  2. Creating the Responsiveness Vision and CSR strategy; Integration of CSR activities with Business Models and Corporate Vision
  3. Implementation/Collaboration/Partnerships with Innovative Solution Owners/NGO’s
  4. Monitoring and Evaluation
  5. Impact Assessment, Reporting and Value Enhancement, Perception Management
  6. Continued Development/Sustainability and Community Responsiveness Trainings



Benefits of CSR and Sustainability


Businesses benefit from investing in a well designed, transparent and measurable CSR and sustainability practice:


  1. Brand Differentiation and Strengthened Brand Image leading to increased sales, enhanced market acceptance.
  2. Enhanced Investor Confidence leading to enhanced stock value, enhanced investments.
  3. Enhanced Employee Engagement leading to increased motivation and retention, contented employee base and enhanced attraction quotient for prospective candidates.
  4. Long Term Thinking /Risk Management in recognizing the social impact of business operations and integrating societal evolvement, engagement and sustainability practices in operational projects and safeguarding business interests over a long term.
  5. Enhanced Corporate Perception – Community responsiveness and sustainability practices gives the business the aura of an ‘ethical’, ‘responsible’ and ‘for-good’ enterprise.
  6. Innovation due to positive research and development directly linked to a deep understanding of social impact of business objectives and operations.
  7. Cost Savings due to the business being competitive as a result of increased investor confidence, innovative approach, better market acceptance and increased customer base.




Provided Experimental learning training to 16 Government schools Science teachers of Darlaghat, Solan, H.P. 

Provided Science kits and training to students of 40 different government schools in Bangalore and Chennai.

Contact: sourabhkaushal@smartckts.com for further discussion and implementation.