Class 9th

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Curriculum based activities related to Physics, Chemistry, Biology and interactive manuals & videos 


1.Separation of impurities using filtration

  1. Magnetic levitation
  2. Centrifugal and centripetal force
  3. Estimating how small are the particles of matter
  4. Law of inertia activity
  5. Simple pendulum and its time period
  6. Law of conservation of momentum
  7. Sublimation process
  8. Object may float and sink & Archimedes principle
  9. Balloon plane – Newton’s 3rd Law
  10. States of matter
  11. Separation of mixture using Chromatography
  12. Tyndall effect
  13. Model to simulate Rutherford’s model
  14. Photo resistor activity using Light sensor
  15. Charge particle in matter
  16. Transverse wave using slinky
  17. Longitudinal wave using slinky
  18. Wireless power transmission
  19. Tuning forks and Vibration (3)
  20. Wireless power transmission
  21. Separation of component of mixture
  22.  Osmosis process
  23.  Law of conservation of mass
  24. Study of animal cell & plant cell
  25. Kinetic energy of matter
  26. Static model of an atom