Class 8th

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What you get?

Curriculum based activities related to Physics, Chemistry, Biology and interactive manuals & videos 

  1. Glowing a bulb & how switch works?
  2. DIY Projector
  3. Calculate angle of incidence and angle of reflection.
  4. Study the formation of image in plane mirror
  5. Convergent and divergent rays
  6. Friction using different lubricants
  7. Heating water in a paper cup
  8. Non-contact force & magnetic lines
  9. Electrostatic force activity using charge detector
  10. Factor affecting friction
  11. Atmospheric pressure activity  
  12.  Testing the nature of rust
  13. Multiple images using mirror
  14.  To study the relative reactivity of metal using salt solution
  15.  Reaction of metal with bases
  16. Electroscope
  17. Making of Nylon
  18. Toy telephone
  19. Demonstrating friction using ball
  20. Persistence of vision
  21. Experiment to show that air is essential for burning & raise the level of water
  22. Build wave generator and learn about sound wave
  23. Kaleidoscope
  24. What happens when zinc reacts with hot water?
  25.  Fermentation process
  26. Chemical effect of electric current
  27. Electroplating