Class 7th

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Curriculum based activities related to Physics, Chemistry, Biology and interactive manuals & videos 

  1. Electromagnetic crane
  2. Propeller car and find its speed
  3. Filtration process
  4. Steady hand testing electric game
  5. Introduction to electric circuit & a switch
  6. Newton’s disc
  7. Formation of carbon dioxide
  8. Convergent and divergent activity
  9. Hot air rises up
  10. Preparation of magnesium oxide
  11. Testing the nature of oxide of a metal
  12. Red and blue litmus test
  13. PH test
  14. Turmeric act as a natural indicator
  15. Mechanism of breathing
  16. Heating effect of current
  17. Image formed by concave mirror
  18. Image formed by convex mirror
  19. Conduction in solids
  20. Image formed by concave lens
  21. Image formed by convex lens
  22. Finding directions using compass
  23. Magnetic effect of current
  24. Formation of carbon dioxide
  25. Effect of saliva on starch
  26. Measuring temperature using thermometer
  27. Change in the color of Cus04 due to reaction with iron