Class 6th

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What you get?

Curriculum based activities related to Physics, Chemistry and Biology and interactive manuals & videos 


Glimpse of Activities Using Science Trek Box 

  1. Observation of different objects
  2. Do all objects form shadows?
  3. Can you guess size of an object from its shadow?
  4. Mirror reflects a beam of light
  5. Pin hole camera
  6. Periscope
  7. Sedimentation process
  8. Decantation process
  9. Separation of impurities using filtration
  10. Electric torch with switch
  11. Conductors and insulators
  12. Traffic light
  13. Hydraulic lift
  14. Soluble or insoluble
  15. Solubility of some common liquid in water
  16. Saturation point
  17. Density of different liquids
  18. Anemometer
  19. Effect of magnet
  20. Making your own magnet
  21. Test for the presence of starch and Protein
  22. Making your own compass
  23. Conductivity test using different liquid
  24. Introduction to bar magnet & magnetic lines
  25.  Winnowing and Sieving
  26. Magnet loss its magnetic property when heated
  27.  Weaving