Class 10th

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What you get?

Curriculum based activities related to Physics, Chemistry, Biology and interactive manuals & videos 

  1. Observation of incident, reflected & normal ray 
  2. Electric torch & switch
  3. Make your own electric motor (Fleming’s left hand rule)
  4. Working of variable resistor
  5. Lime water turns into milky
  6. Image formed by convex mirror
  7. Image formed by concave mirror
  8. Image formed by convex lens
  9. Image formed by concave lens
  10. Refraction of light through prism
  11. Dispersion of white light by the glass prism
  12. Refraction of light through glass slab
  13. Effect of salivary amylase on food
  14. Ph test and Litmus Test
  15. Corrosion Experiment
  16. Burning of magnesium ribbon
  17. Magnetic field lines using a bar magnet

  18. Endothermic and exothermic reactions

  19. Heating effect in a wire

  20. Series circuit

  21. Parallel Circuit

  22. Electric Generator

  23. Glowing an LED using resistor

  24. Electrolysis of water
  25. Formation of micelles
  26. Current carrying solenoid coil
  27. Displacement and double displacement reaction
  28. Combination reaction
  29. Reaction of metal with acid and base
  30. Decomposition and thermal decomposition